A Malaysian based design studio that has heart in Peace, has mind in Green, has a body in culture and history, and has its nails in colours of multi-ethic of Malaysia. we have dreams and visions, therefore, we will keep designing, and will not stop dreaming. Catch Up Buddy!!

we are a local based concept store that design and sell apparels that play with history and culture of Melaka, and subsequently, on Malaysia. We like to tell story via t-shirt. We embrace Green concept and of course we love Peace more than anything else. This is a place for the history and culture lovers, at the meantime of preserving it, we play with it, to rejuvenate, re-interprete and re-position it, so that to serve it on the modern table.

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Nil Six Studio(06S):design the dreams.
Nil Six Studio(06S):design the dreams.
nil six studio